On this episode: How Damo got scammed out of $200 (2:31), the guys discuss the recent ransomware attack on the Colonial Pipeline (13:46), panic buyers, and hoarders. The new DOD guidance for wearing a mask on base (23:30) and the latest changes from the CDC are discussed. Will you turn away a costumer for not wearing a mask? J. Cole released his sixth studio LP, The Off Season (34:30) and Damon and Damo spoke about the album briefly. The guys campaign for all the streaming companies to figure out a way for deployed military members to be able to still enjoy subscription services after 30 days of no Wi-Fi (36:06). Damon and Damo give their reflections on the recent Extremism stand down (42:00). Can one demographic make any decisions or have any discussions regarding a multi-demographic mass (53:56)? Why it’s important that words like ‘Faddish’ are being removed from grooming standards and policies (1:02:10), board prep (1:07:32). Damon responds a a listener question (1:15:39) regarding mental health and issues with care providers. The guys discuss Kwame Brown latest internet onslaught (1:26:15) and the affects of dealing with mental health issues for long term periods. The two close the podcast with a lengthy discussion about Micheal B. Jordan’s latest movie, Without Remorse, and where they currently see him in the Hollywood pecking order or leading actors (1:30:13) and MUCH MORE! Remember to follow the ‘Permission to Speak Freely Podcast’ on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and subscribe on Youtube. 

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