'Permission to Speak Freely' presents... Oh, By The Way 'Oh, By The Way' is a short extension of an episode where Damon and Damo call a friend, mentor...View Details

Hope you enjoyed your Christmas! Welcome to another episode of Permission to Speak Freely. There are so many topics covered here. The "Beard" conversa...View Details

This episode is dedicated to Aviation Ordnanceman Airman Apprentice Ethan Garrett Goolsby, fair winds and following seas, Shipmate! After a brief hiat...View Details

Mississippi stand up! In this episode Damon and Damo begin by discussing five (Navy related) things that they are thankful for. Damo exposes himself o...View Details

The One About Boats

Happy Native American Heritage Month & Happy Holidays from the folks at ‘Permission To Speak Freely.’ In this “Friendsgiving” episode, Damon and D...View Details

[Recorded on 14 November 2020] The fellas acknowledge all the listeners and viewer since the PTSF “Launch Day” and respond to a few questions from lis...View Details

The One About Dinosaurs

[Recorded on 31 October 2020] Damo gives his reflection about his most recent periodic evaluation. Can children safely “Halloween” during COVID? The G...View Details

[Recorded on 24 October 2020] Damon gives his opinion on computer based learning. Damo opens up about the time that he cheated on the Physical Readine...View Details

[Recorded on 18 October 2020] Damon and Damo catch up on new beginnings for Damon and exactly what goes down during INSURV. The Goats debate the CNP V...View Details

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