The One About Boats

Happy Native American Heritage Month & Happy Holidays from the folks at ‘Permission To Speak Freely.’ In this “Friendsgiving” episode, Damon and Damo invite a special guest to the table, Jesse Hernandez; a BMC with a personal journey and a very unique story about his season(s) as a CPO Selectee. Jesse has a rebuttal for Damon’s DAPA (Drug & Alcohol Program Advisor) take. With the country legalizing marijuana, should the Navy look into a form of marijuana “reform?” The three discuss the topic. How will the CPO Initiation play out with the COVID restrictions in place? Jesse and Damon share stories of their experience with being on “hold” when the CPO results are released. The three discuss their personal weaknesses and what keeps them motivated as leaders. Jesse expresses his issues with Damon and Damo’s “Greyhound” review. The Goats also review a movie that Damo promised that they would never review and much more. Links and more information:   DAPA Program Instruction:   Navy’s PRT Changes:   FY-21 E7 Selection Results:   Billy Dixson:   The Rustic Republic:   Cutz Vinyl:   Damon's Book of the Week: 48 Laws of Power (Written by Robert Greene)   Damo & Jesse’s Book of the Week: Can’t Hurt Me (Written by David Goggins)   Movie Reviewed: Battleship   Intro Music Produced by: Lim0   Logo Artwork/Design by: Natashya Vince

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