This episode is dedicated to Aviation Ordnanceman Airman Apprentice Ethan Garrett Goolsby, fair winds and following seas, Shipmate!

After a brief hiatus, Damon and Damo are back and doing what they do best, discussing what's happening right now across the fleet. They discuss being officially active for over a month and achieving their first major benchmark.  It's time to catch up, discussing Damon's leadership award and Damo's birthday. You can't let December 7th go by without giving some love to the service members that fought and sacrificed their lives during the the Pearl Harbor attacks. The Goats discuss COVID, late paychecks, arsons, and so much more on this episode... Please enjoy the show and remember to share, comment, follow and subscribe. 

Links and more information:


Ethan Garrett Goolsby


Camp Cartel


PTSF Merch


Financial Literacy Training


Navy Advancement Exam Results


Bonhomme Richard


USS Rushmore


Military One Source


ESWS Program


Damo’s Book of the Week

American Revolution (written by Robert McDonald)


Movies Reviewed: Pearl Harbor & Tenet


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