The One About Dinosaurs

[Recorded on 31 October 2020] Damo gives his reflection about his most recent periodic evaluation. Can children safely “Halloween” during COVID? The Goats debate the topic. Damon and Damo both reflect on their experiences with submitting officer packages. Damo takes a stand against restaurant that act “stingy” with Veterans Day sales. Is staying in for shore duty really worth it? The guys discuss programs that the military offers that they personally were able to take advantage of. Main topics: The past, present, and future and the mark they believe the next generation will leave the Navy with. Damon talks about his issues with the CMEO and DAPA positions on ships and much more…


Links and more information:


Matthew Burns (STA-21):


Seaman to Admiral-21 Program:


LDO Program:


Thrift Savings Plan:


USMAP Homepage:


VA Loans:


Tuition Assistance:


GI Bill:


Damon's Book of the Week: 

A Country Boy to City Boy (Written by James Cooley),feast%20no%20one%20should%20miss!



Damo's Book of the Week: 

Extreme Ownership (Written by Jocko Willink & Leif Babin)


Movie Reviewed: Crimson Tide


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