[Recorded on 14 November 2020] The fellas acknowledge all the listeners and viewer since the PTSF “Launch Day” and respond to a few questions from listeners.  Damo asks Damon what kind of inspector he plans to be.  Damo gives a PSA on Powerpoints. Who really likes those things anyway? The Goats discuss the results of the recent President election and congratulate Kamala Harris on making history. They touch on working as a military member under a President that you may not particularly agree with.  Congrats to Sydney Barber on becoming the Naval Academy’s first black woman Brigade Commander.   Tired of squinting to see rank tabs on the Type III NWUs? The Navy has instituted a change that has been heavily debated since the announcement; the Goats give their takes on the update. The two discuss “smokers” and Damon shares one of the craziest experiences that he witnessed in a Repair Locker. Navy Seal “winning.” Main topics: Diversity at the naval academy, importance of diversity training and the “Fat Leonard” scandal. These topics plus many more on this week’s episode.


Links and more information:

Steel Beach Designs: 


Sydney Barber: 


Military Pay Charts:


Alternate Rank Tab:


Navy Seals Nigeria Hostage: Seal Team 6 (Oct 31): 


Midshipman Racist Post: 


Diversity training & Task Force One:


Fat Leonard Scandal:



Damon's Book of the Week: 

Building A StoryBrand (Written by Donald Miller)



Damo's Book of the Week: 

Hustle Harder, Hustle Smarter (Written by Curtis “50 Cent” Jackson)



Honorable Mention: 

Pre-Order Intermission II: A Poetry Collection (written by Alana M. Abernethy)



Movie Reviewed: Lone Survivor


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