Mississippi stand up! In this episode Damon and Damo begin by discussing five (Navy related) things that they are thankful for. Damo exposes himself once again with a story of how he passed out in the club in Hawaii and what he regrets most about it. He also discuss his “best 8 days” in his career and his own personal story about depression. Damon provides predictions for the Mike Tyson/ Roy Jones Jr. fight and provides a story about a time that he got into trouble (finally!). After a brief discussion about human trafficking, the goats are joined (via phone call) by ABCM Alquin Parker for a deep dive on the CPO board process. From how to submit to be a board member to what to submit in your package, they discuss everything “CPO Boards” and try to leave no stone unturned. 


Links and more information:


4 Depression Symptoms



Cisco (Fact Sheet)



Courts-Martials Explained 



CPO Selection Board Page (NPC)



Damo’s Book of the Week

A Promised Land (written by Barack Obama)



Movies Reviewed: The Outpost



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