Did you miss us? We missed you. The guys are back! Permission to Speak Freely kicks off Episode 10 with Damon and Damo discussing every event that transpired since Episode 9 was recorded. They discuss what happened with the “2020 Wrap Up” episode. Damon talks about his very close to home bout with COVID-19. Damo gets on his self-proclaimed “soapbox” and discusses everything that has happened to him from pregnancy to miscarriage, to quarantine, to leaving his command. This episode is very personal and covers a lot of the real life that has been happening since the last episode aired. The guys have a small conversation about competition. What are your thoughts on competition? They close out this heartfelt conversation by touching on Navy Seals and issues with monetization of trade secrets. Again, the PTSF Podcast is so happy to be back and hope that you enjoy Episode 10! 


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Dollar Art Club:



SEALS Cashing in on the brand: 



DOD Coronavirus Spotlight:



Maintenance of Physiological Health in Military Operations:




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Autobiography of Malcolm X: As told by Alex Haley (Narrated by Laurence Fishburne)



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