[Recorded on 24 October 2020] Damon gives his opinion on computer based learning. Damo opens up about the time that he cheated on the Physical Readiness Test and got caught. The Goats have a deep dive about mentorship. Khalili “The Barking Dog” provides a very detailed perspective on this topic. The Sailor of the Year Program changes are highlighted. The bros talk about getting selected for Chief and Damo gets honest about his response to not being selected on his first time up. Remember when the Navy wanted to take our rates away? The long awaited “EVAL” conversation is had. Main Topic: “A Fleet Without a Rudder.” Is training prioritized? All these topics and so much more…


Links and more information:


Sailor of the Year Program Instruction: 



A Fleet Without a Rudder (Written by LTJG Artem Sherbinin): 



Damon's Book of the Week: 

LLC Quick Start Quite (Written by John Knight & TBD) - https://books.apple.com/us/book/llc/id1502926702?ign-gact=1


Damo's Book of the Week: 

Tightrope: Americans Reaching for Hope (Written by Nicholas D. Kristoff & Sheryl WuDunn) - https://www.amazon.com/Tightrope-Americans-Reaching-Nicholas-Kristof/dp/0525655085


Movie Reviewed: Greyhound


Intro Music Produced by: Lim0

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